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Volibear , the Thunder's Roar


  • The thunderous demigod known as the Thousand-Pierced Bear is the battle-spirit of the Freljord. Thousands of years of constant and bitter wars, fought in the coldest winters, have hardened Volibear into a truly indomitable force, hurling bolts of lightning from the highest peaks—and when snowy tempests rage down, it can only mean that he is on the attack once more. Any who dare to face him may find themselves joining his fierce army of Ursine warriors… assuming they do not fall victim to his savage claws.


  • Lead the charge with Rolling Thunder and slow enemies with Majestic Roar.
  • Volibear benefits a great deal from additional Health and cooldown reduction.
  • You must attack three times in rapid succession before Frenzy can be activated - having the toughness to survive for a long time is one way to accomplish this goal.

  • Volibear can gain great Movement Speed while chasing targets, but he gains much less of a bonus when running away.
  • Volibear regenerates a large amount of Health when he drops to critical Health.
  • Slowing or stunning Volibear when he tries to charge will greatly reduce his effectiveness.