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Natalya ,The Nether Queen



Abilities deal additional damage to enemies and can be stacked up to 10 times within 3 seconds.


Use Natalya's abilities in quick succession so that her passive ability's effects will be maximized and deal the most damage.


When the Fallen invaded, a group of devout followers at the Temple of Light willingly submitted themselves to Poison Fang, a parasite, becoming immortal warriors to protect their sacred ground from the Fallen while bearing the eternal and wicked curse.

The hosts of Poison Fang cannot be killed, and the parasite can be passed onto offspring through generations. Natalya, a descendant of these warriors, also carried the parasite.

When one of the tribe fell to insanity caused by the overwhelming power, the warrior was devoured, and his strength was absorbed by the rest of the tribe. To fight the external threats, the Temple quarantined the tribe to breed stronger hosts.

Natalya happened to be the best descendant the Temple had seen in years. To appease her, the Temple even sent an emissary with extravagant gifts to her coming-of-age ceremony. What they did not know was that Natalya had grown tired of the humiliating quarantine and did not want to see her tribe falling insane.

I will bear all the sins! She devoured her entire tribe during the ceremony to end their cursed destiny. With her head held high, Natalya showed her determination to break away from the Temple, for she knew very well that the root of the curse was the ambitious Temple.

Natalya faded into darkness and managed to split from the Poison Fang with curses from the same school of magic. In exchange, she swore allegiance to Veera. With Poison Fang by her side as a loyal pet, Natalya held the power to rain destruction in her wake.