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Diaochan ,The Crystal Lotus



Frozen enemies take extra 155(+0) magic damage.


Diaochan can slow enemies down with Chilling Frost. Use this ability first, then follow up with Diamond Dust to freeze your enemy, allowing you to deal further damage and take them out.


Diaochan came from very humble beginnings, but her ruthless ambition has taken her far. She was born to a simple handmaiden and was raised under the assumption that she would never exceed her mother’s standing in life. However, Diaochan was blessed with incredible beauty. As she came of age, she became very aware that she was more alluring than the beautiful fountains in the royal cities that she visited.

While many men sought her out, even some who pledged to go on chivalric quests to win her hand, Diaochan mastered the art of restraint. She would eye the high lords and smile at them until they requested her service. Once there, she would flirt and tease just long enough to put herself in a position to extract maximum value from another.

Eventually, this process left her in the service of a warlord. This warlord, always concerned with the next great conquest, had heard rumblings of a horrendous dragon laying waste to towns and wreaking havoc among the realm. If he could just find a way to defeat this dragon, his real power would be known. All of the other lords would not only praise him, they would also truly fear him. As he trained himself physically for the fight ahead, he gave his servants the task of finding out different ways of slaying the dragon.

The warlord had inherited a tremendously well-stocked library, filled with volumes upon volumes of writings on every imaginable subject. Diaochan had been assigned to the magical arts section to scour for any information she could find on defeating a dragon. As she poured over the stacks of spells and potions, her interest in the subject took hold of her. She returned to the library day after day and practiced what she learned under the cover of night. She found herself to be a quick learner and was mastering advanced spells within a year. As she grew in skill, she grew further from her screwed past. She found a sense of peace and purpose on these pages and her newfound identity blossomed.

As she neared the end of the library, the camp was attacked by a powerful warrior with dragon blood known as Lu Bu. He tore through the camp, raining terror upon the soldiers. He was outnumbered, but this did not matter; he was absorbed by rage and the outcome turned. Diaochan was curious about the power of this new challenger, and also felt her heart moved by the obvious pain he carried within him.

After Lu Bu slew his last enemy, he was still consumed by anger; so much so that the very dragon powers within him failed to respond to his command. The vitriol within him would have taken his heart and devoured him, but a touch from Diaochan’s hand cooled the fires within. She had read about dragon magic in the library, and she knew the spell necessary to still the vengeful thunder within him. He fell in love with Diaochan the first moment he laid eyes on her, and she was fascinated by him.

Together, Lu Bu and Diaochan traveled the realm, always by each other’s side. They dwelled in relative peace and for a time things were right and good. This time of tranquility came to an end when the Dragon Father, the very beast who had given Lu Bu his dragon powers, came for Lu Bu. He was furious that Lu Bu had abandoned his previous quest, and commanded that Lu Bu return to his service immediately.

But Lu Bu would not leave Diaochan. This infuriated the Dragon Father and sealed the enmity between the two. They clashed in an epic conflict; a stalemate of great magical powers. But the battle turned when Diaochan gave her magic to Lu Bu, allowing him to reach a higher form and smite the Dragon Father.

In doing so, Diaochan’s magic bonded with Lu Bu, so that the two are truly of one essence--fused together but not confused. Theirs is the greatest love in all of Athanor, and its power has healed the darkness of anger and vengeance from Lu Bu’s heart. In turn, through her connection with Lu Bu, Diaochan has discovered a great power that will one day define the history of Athanor.