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Arthur ,The Chosen



Arthur is blessed by the heavens and gains 88 armor (scales with hero level).


Use Righteous Fervor when entering fights with Arthur to mark enemies and deal additional damage with subsequent attacks.


The chaos-ending Sword of Justice, and the invincible leader that brought order to the orderless!

With the holy sword in his hand and righteousness in his heart, Arthur was the first true leader in human history. He was born in an age when faith had collapsed and the world was shrouded in darkness. Facing frenzied beasts and bloodthirsty demons, the humans lacked not only the strength to defend themselves, but also guidance from the gods, which could have prevented their civil wars. This era of turmoil persisted until Arthur rose. Preaching principles of justice and honor, he started down the path of order and discipline as a knight.

Arthur's chivalry was well-received and admired by all, drawing brave human warriors from far and wide to pledge their allegiance to him. Under his leadership, they formed a valiant order of knights trained in the art of war. They marched under the banner of justice and valor in the name of Arthur. They toured the land, exterminating evil along the way. Most importantly, they established order and peace amidst the darkness, ensuring humanity's survival.

The deeds of the Order greatly impeded the demon legion's invasion plans. Arthur had become a thorn in Maloch's side, and his knights were attacked at every turn. However, the Order was not shaken one bit. Arthur and his knights resolutely stood their ground. Their resilience and persistence inspired all.

Young men flocked at the opportunity to become a part of the Order. Any vacant positions in their ranks were promptly filled. This band of brothers, loyal to both the chivalric spirit and their leader gradually grew into a force to be reckoned with. Humans, long looked down on by the other races, were finally earning the recognition and respect of all.

Even their age-long rival, the Afata, extended the hand of friendship to Arthur. The secluded Veda brought the blessings of the gods upon the Order and its knights. Arthur and his chivalric spirit gave courage to humankind and his successors, notably Thane, to pass on the torch from one generation to the next.

The radiance of the Sword of Justice shall cast its light upon the path of every knight!